We don't charge extra from NRI's. We charge the same cost to our International Patients that we charge in India.
Dental Procedures. Charges in Indian Rupees.
Fillings GIC 700/-
Fillings Composites 900/- upwards
RCT 3500/-
RCT (Single Sitting) 4500/-
Implants (with Straight abutment) 20,000/- Per Implant
(Nobel biocare (with straight abutment) 40,000/- Per Implant
Nobel Active (Nobel biocare-sweden ) With Immediate loading 60,000/- Per Implant
Porcelean - Metalbase 5000/- Per Crown
Procera / Lova / 3M(Zirconia) – Metal Crowns / Veneer Free 15,000/- Per crown /Veneer
Home whitening (Colgate and others) 8000/-
Zoom Advanced office whitening 45 min. 25,000/-
Ceramic Inlay (Per tooth) Metal braces (Full mouth) 30,000/-
Orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces (Full mouth) 45,000/-
Orthodontic treatment By Invis align 2.5 lakhs
Orthodontic treatment lingual (Full mouth) 75,000/-
Disimpaction (Impacted tooth removal) 5000/- upwards
Inter Maxillary Fixation (IMF) upper Jaw 15,000/
IMF with bone plating (Upper) in lower 30,000/
Complete Scaling and polishing 900/-
Deep scaling (Curettage) 8000/- Full mouth
Dental diode laser 12,000/- upwards
Removable partial dental (Imported) 5000/- Per Jaw
Upper and lower complete dental denture (Imported) 35,000/- Full Set