Dental Tourism is a budding concept for a planned vacation along with Standardized, Customized & an effective treatment. India has recently become a major Tourist Hub for quality Dental Care solutions. You can have your teeth fixed & have your holodays memorable at the same time. Our dedicated team of doctors, trained assistant & efficient laboratory staff ensure you get the best in treatment explore this enchanting & ever intriguing notion.

7 reasons to consider traveling for Medical Care according to US News

Travel Tips & Visa Information
Visa Information
Travel Tips
Shopping - Delhi
Beaches - Goa
Trekking - Himachal Pradesh
Yoga - Rishikesh
Food – everywhere!
Tigers - Madhya Pradesh
Thrill-seekers - Manali
Religious fervour - Varanasi
Just chilling - Kerala

Avoid tap water. No ice, no salads and no fruit you haven’t just peeled yourself.
If you eat meat, make sure it’s well cooked.
Don’t forget to carry soap so you can wash your hands properly.

India Climate is classified into three seasons – Summer (Hot), Monsoon (wet) and the Winter (Cool), this can vary in duration from north to south. The most pleasant time to visit most of the country is during the cooler period of November to around mid-February. If you’re in India during the summer and Wet & Humid monsoon, cool weather can be found in the northern Himalayan region.

Helpful Phrases
English is widely understood and spoken in India, here are some helpful phrases in Hindi.
Namaste. Aap Kaise Hain? ---- (Greetings. How are you?)
Yeh Kitne Ka Hai? --- (How much is this?)
Daam Kum Karo ---- (Lessen the price)
Kya, Kab, Kahan ---- (What), (When), (Where)
Kyu, Kaise ---- (Why), (How)
Shubh Yatra ---- (Happy Journey)


The cost of dental procedures in India is much Lower than what we would pay in the USA or many other countries of Europe & other Continents.

We don't charge extra from NRI's. We charge the same cost to our International Patients that we charge in India.
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How to include dental care in your itienary:-
a) As a dental tourist, you can enjoy the benefit of preferential appointments by contacting us via Email or Telephone.
b) If you prefer, you may get a preliminary examination done by a dentist in your country & email us your x-rays for better assessment.
c) We would recommend a treatment plan & an estimate in terms of cost & time required. However, the final treatment plan & exact cost would require a complete clinical examination upon arrival at Dental Planet.
d) Our Travel Agents can plan your itineary according to your required dental visits & for sightseeing.