Dr. Rahul Narula
Dr. Rahul Narula is a qualified dental surgeon who graduated in April 1997, and registered with the Delhi state of dental council of India vide No. A-2900 and doing his practice for the last fifteen years. He is the head of Dental department of SAROJ HOSPITAL and Heart Institute. He has also worked for many reputed hospitals like Agarsen and Sarvodaya. Besides he is also an Implantologist and works in various other clinics in Delhi. He is director of Dental Planet, located in the heart of Delhi, the capital of India
Dr. Pinky Narula
Dr. Pinky Narula is a qualified dental surgeon who did her graduation from BVP Dental college, Pune in 1997 registered with dental council of India vide No. A-2664 and doing her practice for the last fourteen years. Throughout her academic career she has been very studious and hardworking student, she has presented many scientific papers and tv.shows. she is the mentor for RCT and cosmetic dentist courses for continuing education for the fellow dentist. She looks after every minute detail in Dental planet so as to provide best of services to the patients.